The Meadow at Sunrise, Late Spring, Looking Toward the Lake

The Meadow at Sunrise, Late Spring, Looking Toward the Lake

The association with the transcendent immanence of Yeats lines is perfectly in keeping with the feelings evoked by this singular place, for Innisfree is a garden of richly interwoven vistas and episodic energies, wreathed in a tranquil yet exciting atmosphere which stays fresh in the mind for many years.
Tim Richardson, Great Gardens of America (2009)

Private Events at Innisfree

Recognized as one of the world’s ten best gardens, Innisfree is a powerful icon of 20th century landscape design. It merges the essence of Modernist and Romantic ideas and traditional Chinese and Japanese garden design principles with a nuanced reading of its glacial landscape. The result is a distinctly American stroll garden on 185 acres surrounding a large, shimmering lake — a sublime composition of rock, water, wood, and sky. Likened by its designer to “something of the dream world,” Innisfree offers an extraordinary setting for your wedding, corporate event, or other private function, and a day you and your guests will never forget.

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