The Innisfree Chair

In response to popular demand, Innisfree is proud to offer reproductions of the striking Innisfree chair designed by landscape architect Lester Collins. As the visionary creative spirit of the garden, Lester adapted Gerrit Rietvelds’ iconic design for use at Innisfree.

We’ve partnered with Dan Benarcik, horticulturist and furniture maker, to offer either a kit of parts for assembly or a fully assembled chair, both in unfinished clear cedar, with three planks for the back and seat as designed by Collins. Each chair kit costs $325 and assembled chairs cost $450, including a small donation in support of Innisfree. Order through Dan’s website

A small number of kits are available for sale at the garden during our open season. Additional kits can be shipped to the purchaser, but fully assembled chairs will be delivered to Innisfree Garden for pick-up.